About us

Welcome to the Association of Iranian Students in Munich (AIS-Munich)
A vibrant community dedicated to fostering a warm and supportive environment for international students, with a special focus on our Iranian peers.

Our mission

At the AIS-Munich, our mission is twofold: to provide unwavering support to international students, particularly those Iranian students and to create a vibrant platform for cultural exchange among students from various backgrounds. We understand the challenges faced by students living far from home, and we are committed to easing this transition by offering a helping hand.

Become a member

We invite you to become a part of our vibrant community. Whether you are an Iranian student seeking a familiar touch in a foreign land or an international student curious about Iranian culture, our doors are open to you. Join us in our events, engage in stimulating discussions, and let's create an inclusive environment where everyone feels at home.

Our Activities

Cultural Exchange

Embracing diversity and promoting cultural understanding lie at the core of our club. We believe that the true essence of education extends beyond textbooks, encompassing the sharing of traditions, languages, and customs. Through various of events and activities, we facilitate meaningful interactions between international students. Whether it's celebrating traditional Iranian festivals, organizing language exchange programs, or hosting cultural workshops, we provide a space for cultural exchange and understanding.

Supporting international students

Moving to a new country for education can be both exciting and challenging. Our club aims to make this journey smoother for especially for Iranian students in Munich. We offer valuable resources, information, and assistance, helping students navigate the difficulties of studying abroad. From academic guidance to practical tips on adapting to a new environment.